GÁLIX is the Galician Association for Children’s and Young Adults’ Books.  We are a non-profit association founded in 1989 with the aim of giving visibility and promoting the Galician culture and language through children’s and young adults’ literature.
All agents of the book world are involved in GÁLIX: writers, translators, designers, illustrators, publishers, researches, critics, librarians and bookshops.

GÁLIX performs many activities such as advocacy initiatives, advisory services either to entities or to individuals, as well as management in sectors inside and outside of Galicia and representation in state and international organisations. You will find further information of our activities section. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

GÁLIX is the Galician section of The Spanish Organisation for Children´s and Young Adults´ Books (OEPLI in its Spanish form) which consists of three more sections for Spanish (Consejo General del Libro Infantil y Juvenil), Catalan (CLIJCAT, Consell Català del Llibre Infantil i Juvenil) and Basque (Galtzagorri Elkartea) languages.

The OEPLI is the Spanish section of the IBBY (International Board on Books for Young People) which represents the interest of all its sections and members at national and international levels.

Our general assembly is constituted by all members of the association. The management board is made up by a chairman, two vice-chairs and five members of the board.

At this moment the management board is composed by Xosé Antonio Perozo (president), Antonio Seijas (first vicepresitend and member of illustration),  Pilar Sampedro (second vicepresident and member of institutional relationships), Antía Marante (secretary and member for research), Andrea Maceiras (vice-secretary), Antonio M. Fraga (treasurer), Ana Luna (member of translation), Atenea Ruibal (member of libraries), Montse Pena (member of university relatinons).